Website maintenance

Caring for your sites

Every business needs a website. Your website is a fundamental business tool.
With your website being so fundamental to your business you would clearly want it to be working perfectlyWe will monitor, maintain and improve your website, all with minimal impact on you and your business.
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24/7 Website support

Do you need website maintenance?

No matter how fundamentally important a website is to a business, they can be time-consuming to manage.

Constant updates, monitoring SEO, website speed and uptime all take time away from running your business. Outsource the work and outsource the stress to us!

Let's work together!

The 7 key services

We have highlighted 7 key services we will provide to every business that signs up for a business package.
You will also have access to a 24/7 reporting tool. If you have a problem or would like some help, you can get in touch at any time of day and someone will be in touch within 12 hours to provide a solution.

Plugin, Theme
& Core Updates

We will provide regular updates to your plugins, themes and your core WordPress installation. Coupled with our backups, we can ensure a bad update doesn’t cripple your website!


As part of our service package, we will run hourly uptime monitoring. If your website goes offline we’ll find out and endeavour to fix the problem immediately.

Speed & Performance Monitoring

With our service packages we’ll provide live monitoring of your website loading time. As soon as there’s an increase in loading time we will be notified and work to speed up your website.

Daily Website

We will run daily backups of your website. All backups are securely stored on the cloud. Of your website is broken or gets hacked, we can quickly restore your website.

Weekly Database Optimisation

As part of our website service package, we will run a weekly database optimisation. We will clean, organise and fix your website’s database and ensure it has no negative impact on your website.
SEO Report

SEO Report

We will provide monthly SEO reports for your website. These reports will show which keywords or phrases you’re ranking highly for and how high on the Google search rankings you are.

Website Service

As part of our service package, we will provide an annual website ‘MOT’. We will check your website is working perfectly, fix minor and major problems and ensure it’s functional.

Pay monthly or annually

How much do the service packages cost?

For all 7 key services, you can pay only £20 per month.

We don’t provide different packages, as every one of our 7 key services are vitally important! You can outsource the admin of running a website for one low monthly cost.

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